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Fourth of July Celebrations in Colorado and New Mexico

Jun 27, 2017
Estes Park boasts one of the best Fourth of July celebrations in Colorado with spectacular fireworks display, full day of events and accessibility to Rocky Mountain National Park

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New: Great Smoky Mountains; NYC (updated); DC (updated)
Taking The Kids was named one of the top travel websites by Parents Magazine in 2016

Taking the Kids – to New York City for the First Time

Big Apple Greeters -- it seems such a simple idea - to connect locals enthusiastic about their city to first-time visitors or those simply visiting from elsewhere. Now, because of the economic crisis, the nonprofit organization has found itself in a financial crunch of its own and must come up with $300,000 in new funding by the fall if they are to continue. (Are you listening major travel companies?) more
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How Harry Potter has changed teens’ wake up times

Thanks, Harry. Suddenly, teens, college students and even twenty somethings who aren't big fans of family vacations much less getting out of bed early are standing in line before 9 a.m. with their parents, positively giddy with excitement more
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If you thought you could get away without buying your baby a plane seat, think again

For years, everyone from the FAA to the American Academy of Pediatrics has been saying that young children are safest when restrained in a safety seat on board an airplane more
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Aboard the Newest Megaship Epic

SPLAT! The water balloons pop on cue. The music is loud and energetic, with Nickelodeon dancers dressed in orange and green — down to their plastic orange-and-green Crocs — spurring on the crowd, some of whom came dripping wet from the waterslides, including the Epic Plunge, the biggest waterslide at sea, just for the chance more
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Sometimes the best vacation experiences are free

Since New York started this program in 1992, the Big Apple Greeters have squired around 95,000 visitors from around the world and have a cadre of more than 300 Greeters who range from 20-somethings to those in their eighties who share a passion for New York that they want to pass on to you. more
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Taking the Kids to Provincetown — Not Just for Gay and Lesbian Couples

Had we been here in the 1800s, we would have been hunting whales rather than photographing them. Provincetown was a very busy whaling port. more
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Keeping your cool

Especially when it’s hot—as it has been unbearably so on the East Coast—and especially on vacation, it can be tough to keep your cool. The kids are going to bicker and complain just like at home, even though you are spending $$$$ for hotels, meals and souvenirs, not to mention entertainment. more
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The Secret to Getting Teens Up Early on Vacation — Take Them to Harry Potter

Thanks, Harry. Suddenly, young people, who wouldn’t spend much vacation time with their folks, much less get out of bed this early if they didn’t have to, think family vacations are fun again, especially when mom and dad or grandpa pay for the trip and pop for $100 wizarding robes (yes, despite the 90-degree Florida heat, fans traipsed around the park in the floor-length robes, wearing Hogwarts ties as belts) or $30 wands. more
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On Norwegian’s new megaship Epic

The kids can’t wait. We’re aboard Norwegians new megaship Epic (153,000 tons!) that has forged a partnership with Nickelodeon that means kids—and their parents-have the chance to get slimed, get up close and personal with SpongeBob, Patrick Star, Dora the Explorer, Diego and Jimmy Neutron at breakfast or “meet and greets.”. more
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Is bigger better?

The cruiselines certainly think bigger is better. I’m heading out for a quick look-see of Norwegian’s new EPIC (http://epic.ncl.com) -- 153,000 tons! -- which is being billed as the world’s largest floating entertainment venue. more
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