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9/11 Memorial: Free National Webinar for Classrooms

May 25, 2016
As part of its commitment to education, the 9/11 Memorial Museum invites teachers and students from across the country to participate in a live webinar to commemorate the 15th anniversary of 9/11.

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Taking The Kids was named one of the top travel websites by Parents Magazine in 2016
New in 2016: Great Smoky Mountains; New York City (updated)

Saving Money and Having More Fun By Booking Your Own Cruise Excursions

Poisitano on Italy's Amalfi Coast
when you are traveling with kids, there is nothing worse than being stuck in a large group for hours on end. Believe me, I’ve been there — in Europe, Alaska and the Caribbean. We left one tour at the Roman Forum because of a “stomachache” (quickly remedied by a gelato). Opt to go off on your own — especially if you’re a family more
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Learning to scuba dive at a Caribbean resort

Dive boat heads out at Bohio Grand Turk
We’ve just finished the most spectacular dive of the day off of Grand Turk Island called “anchor” so named for a historic 10-foot anchor deep in the water. We’ve seen a Manta ray and sea turtle, hog fish, huge grouper, eel garden ray, that flounder and all kinds of other big and little fish--blue and purple, silver and spotted...as well as all varieties of coral. more
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Got your sand pail? You'll need one in Southwest Florida to collect shells. How many different ones can you find? There are more varieties of shells here than anywhere else in North America. Of course you won't want to hunt for shells all the time—not when you can jump the waves, kayak, canoe, and see creatures like sea turtles and manatees. more
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Cruising the Med on what seems like your own private yacht

Water platform on the Windsurf
By the end of the week, you’ll feel like this is your personal yacht,” promised Captain Maurits Groothuis. At the very least, the crew knows our names and strangers have become fast friends. In the evening, we can make believe we’re on “our” yacht when dining on deck as areas are retooled as intimate venues with white tablecloths, the waiters attentive to every desire and the sails billowing in the wind. We’re free to dress the way we like too. (No fancy duds required.) more
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Stunning new exhibit on child refugees at Nobel Peace Museum

Nobel Peace Museum exhibit in Oslo Norway
Welcome to an excellent exhibit at the Nobel Peace Center in Oslo, Norway, where an amazing interactive exhibit for children about refugees-- Nansen and I-- has recently opened. At the same time, the Center is showcasing Transit, a terrific photo exhibit about Nobel Peace Prize laureate and Norwegian Fridtjof Nansen and refugees of today.... (more) more
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ABCNews callout

EILEEN’S KIDS GUIDES FEATURED ON ABCNEWS.COM Eileen’s series of Kids Guides to great American cities, published by Globe Pequot, was featured by ABCNews on a week-by-week basis.
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In Rome a perfect hotel for a birthday celebration

Rooftop bar at Grand Hotel de la Minerve in Rome
The hotel was first built in 1620 for the Fonseca family and it has been a hotel since the end of the 18th Century when many wealthy Americans embarking on the Grand Tour stayed here. In 1891, a winter garden was built in the hotel’s inner courtyard and today, it has a crystal ceiling reflecting sunlight along with a statue of Minerva, the Roman goddess of wisdom and war. more
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When in Rome consider a private tour

Inside the Roman Coliseum
We’ve opted to tour Ancient Rome –the center of the Empire for some 500 years--with a guide both to maximize our time and to avoid the lines where we’d have to wait at least 45 minutes to get in. We start at the Pantheon with its giant hole in the middle (and drains in the floor for rain).. more
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Exploring Sicily with a private tour guide

Mt Etna spewing smoke near Taormina Sicily
Aldo Valerio greets us with kisses, like friends he hasn’t seen in a long while. In reality, we’ve never met except through email. Valerio runs a tour company called ww.secretitalia.com and also works with a Canadian based company ww.toursbylocals.com that puts together guides with travelers—especially those who are cruising and don’t want to be limited to ship excursions. more
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Kids will love the sights and sounds and stories of Venice

Gondola ride in Venice
Right up until the 1960s, wealthy families had their own gondolas. The flamboyant Peggy Guggenheim used to tool around town on hers. She, of course, is revered here for her spectacular art collection housed in the Palazzo Venier dei Leoni, where she lived overlooking the Grand Canal and which now houses one of Europe’s premier museums dedicated to modern art.... more
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