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Star Wars at Sea: On A Cruise Line Far, Far Away (in 2018)

Feb 20, 2017
Star Wars at Sea returns to Disney Cruise Line with 15 special Disney Fantasy sailings to the Caribbean from January through April 2018.

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Taking The Kids was named one of the top travel websites by Parents Magazine in 2016
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Confronting Germany’s dark history: how the mighty had fallen

One of the annual Nazi political rallies in Nuremberg in the 1930s
As I kept thinking about all of those architectural monstrosities that we saw on our tour of Nuremberg, I reminded myself of that photo I saw in Berlin of the Nazis crouching in fear at war's end. How the mighty have fallen, I thought. more
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In Nuremberg, Germany: a fortress castle, a toy museum and a huge Christmas market

"Prune People" for sale at Nuremberg Christmas Market
Nuremberg has long been a center of toy making and this museum is one of the city’s top tourist attractions. More than a dozen local toy manufacturers developed model railways and Nuremberg’s toymakers were known for coming up with new ways to make toys move. more
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On a GPS scavenger hunt in Bamberg, Germany’s Christmas market

Local school kids head straight to the candy seller at the Bamberg Christmas market
Uniworld Cruises has arranged a special way to see the picturesque city of Bamberg for the families on board—a GPS scavenger hunt organized by the company City Hunters that does such tours in cities across Germany. more
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On Germany River Cruise – exploring Wurzburg and Rothenburg

Unwired Cruises guide Charles Conard with the kids in Wurzburg
We’re in Wurzburg in Bavaria, the third day on our Uniworld Cruises family trip in the middle of Germany in a city that was nearly all destroyed by British bombers during allied bombing in 1945. more
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What’s in Your Waffle? Day 2 on our Christmas Market River Cruise in Germany

Bavarian sausage rally for lunch on Uniworld River Queen
The 16 kids aboard Uniworld River Cruise’s special Family Christmas Market sailing in Germany are all members of the clean plate club by the time they are done cooking with Chef Peter Tarnok and Senior Pastry Chef Ciprian Ghiluescu. In fact, most of them have seconds… Lorelei George, 8, licks her plate. more
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The sights, sounds and scents of Tokyo, Japan

It is eight in the morning and we are a few blocks from the hotel at Tokyo’s famous Tsukiji Fish Market, Japan’ largest. More than 15,000 people work here; international tourists line up in the early hours of the morning for the chance to watch the famous fish auctions, more
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Exploring Jewish Berlin – dark history and revival

Memorial to Holocaust victims at cemetery in Berlin's Jewish Quarter
You can’t visit Berlin without considering the horror of the Holocaust--the six million European Jews (600,000 of them German-born) who perished. Countless others had their lives uprooted, among them millions of children. Germany’s capital city confronts the horror head-on at places large and small. more
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Taking a family-style river cruise to explore the German Christmas Markets

Candied almonds at the Christmas Market in Frankfurt
Frankfurt has one of Germany’s 2500 Christmas Markets and one of the country’s oldest, locals claim, dating back to 1393, though those in Nuremberg dispute that. more
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History comes alive in Berlin – at Checkpoint Charlie and the Spy Museum

Sign at Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin
The idiosyncratic Mauer Museum at Check Point Charlie that is at the original border crossing between the Cold War American and Soviet sectors of Berlin. The location is no accident. more
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Westin Gets it Right for Families in Berlin

Gendarmenmarkt Christmas Market near the Westin Grand Hotel in central Berlin
Westin and Le Meridien Hotels have just introduced new family programs, they say, in response to a changing global demand for family travel. Rather than focusing on a kids club, this idea stresses that playing “knows no borders or language barriers but rather inspires kids to explore learn and build relationships." more
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