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Enjoy Community Campfire at SF Presidio Twilight

May 28, 2017
The Presidio is always great to check when you are in San Francisco, and Presidio Twilight is an event worth going to.

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New: Great Smoky Mountains; NYC (updated); DC (updated)
Taking The Kids was named one of the top travel websites by Parents Magazine in 2016

Getting There

Cruising old-fashioned: An Atlantic Crossing on the Queen Mary 2

Ready to sail the Atlantic from Southhampton to New York
Welcome aboard Cunard’s flagship Queen Mary 2 as she takes a week to sail the Atlantic from Southampton to New York. more
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Flying can be pleasant – upgraded on British Air flight to London

Artist rendering of upgraded JFK Terminal 7
In expected the usual indifference of US carriers at JFK. Instead, the British Airways staff couldn’t have been nicer and I breezed through security. The gods must have been smiling on me because I got upgraded! more
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Can flying actually be fun? Yes, but more likely on a foreign carrier

Littlest Flight Attendant aboard
If you’re thinking you wouldn’t find these amenities on an American carrier, you are probably right. “In the United States, you don’t see a lot of airlines offering amenities for kids,” said Brian Sumers, who covers airlines and aviation for the travel industry website Skift. more
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Why do the major airlines like bullies?

Anyone who has flown in coach in recent years knows that from the moment you arrive at the airport departure curb there's an indifferent vibe from the ticket agents to the gate agents, to the flight crews, to the baggage carousels more
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The Kids Guides — kids helping kids discover America

The Kid's Guides are pocket-sized books for kids ages 6-12 and chock full of tips from kids in the know more
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Amenities galore in the business and first lounges at Dubai Airport

KIds play area in Emirates Business Class lounge Dubai
Even after midnight the lounges are busy, as Dubai is a major gateway and global connection point. (There are appealing packages from Emirates for those who want to stop over for a day or two.) more
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On a long-haul flight, Emirates Airlines thinks of everything

Littlest Flight Attendant aboard
It’s the extra touches—the captain signing their travel journals, the chance to have their picture taken in a flight attendant’s or captain’s hat—perhaps even the chance for a wannabe young flight attendant to help serve. more
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A Quick Spring Getaway to Aspen

Hotel Aspen
Hank and I went on short spring getaway to Aspen. Although only 12 miles as the bird-flies from where we live in Crested Butte, in the winter it takes about 4 hours to drive around the mountains. more
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Taking the Kids — why families need travel insurance

Jim Grace, CEO of InsureMyTrip in the call center
. I know most families don’t think they need travel insurance, but it really can save the day — and lots of money as costs can run into six figures when someone must be evacuated in a medical emergency. And, as travel insurers note, that is as likely to happen at a Mexican resort as on a cruise ship in some exotic locale. more
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Who Knew? A Trip to the Fire Station in the Falkland Islands

Kids from A&K cruise at Falkland Islands Fire House
The fire trucks pull up to our ship Le Boreal in the Falkland Islands, sirens blazing and lights flashing. But there was no emergency. more
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