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Great Tours for Greek Adventures

Jul 24, 2017
There are many great destinations that teach about modern life. Very few places can also teach you about ancient life, and Greece is one of these few places

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Cool mobile chargers for travelers on the go

Ventev chargers

Ventev chargers

How many times have you checked into a hotel room only to find a paucity of electrical outlets to charge up your devices? Or maybe you needed a quick pick-me up charge for your device on a long flight or train ride?

I really love the devices from Ventev, particularly these hub devices (see photo) that let you charge multiple phones and tables from one electrical outlet source. They really save you from packing a lot of transformers and other gear.

MyCharge HubMax charger with Apple Lightning and micro-USB cables

MyCharge HubMax charger with Apple Lightning and micro-USB cables

And for quick pick me up charge, my husband always carried his HubMax from MyCharge, which can quickly refill two devices on the go with its Apple Lightning and mini-USB cables. It also plugs into a wall outlet.





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