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Taking The Kids was named one of the top travel websites by Parents Magazine in 2016

Christmas in Alaska: Christmas in Ice

Celebrate Christmas in North Pole, Alaska, with the on-going event that features a winter ice park Christmas in Ice located next to the famous Santa Claus House in North Pole. more
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Set Sail with Sea Wolf Adventures

Celebrate 75 years with The Sea Wolf’s Epic Wilderness Adventures, one of the “Stoutest Wood Boats” still working. more
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Epic fishing, discounts for kids at Alaska’s Waterfall Resort

For a different and exciting way to see Alaska, take the kids fishing at Waterfall Resort Alaska, which welcomes beginner anglers as well as seasoned fishermen more
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Families like to see Alaska from a small ship too

Skip the big ships to see Alaska, Eileen says in this Foxnews.com report. more
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Remembering a special small cruise in Alaska’s Inside Passage

Getting close but not too close to the Dawes Glacier
I understand why the Native Tlingits called glaciers “white thunder.” We see harbor seals lounging on chunks of blue ice in the water. The glacier looks like blue cotton candy with chocolate sprinkles. more
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What makes Alaska’s Denali National Park special for families

View of Mt. McKinley from the Camp Denali on a clear morning in June 2012
What is special about Denali National Park, besides the wildlife and the fact that it contains the tallest mountain in North America, suggests Kris Capps author of “A Wildlife Guide: Denali National Park and Preserve, Alaska,” is that it continues to flourish on its own largely without human intervention. more
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