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Montreal Celebrates 375th Anniversary

Christopher at Asterix et Oubelix
In 2017, the city of Montreal is celebrating its 375th anniversary, and the festivities run all year long! With activities ranging from festivals, shows and more, there is always something new to explore more
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Suzhou, China: Gardens and Canals Equal a Family-Friendly Asian Adventure

Shantang Street
As I exited the airport in Shanghai, my preconceived notions about China seemed initially accurate. It was my first time visiting this country and I imagined I would be stepping into a land that had come too far too fast. more
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Historic sites and museums to visit during Black History Month

The Apollo, Harlem, Manhattan
February is the ideal time to visit a historic site or explore a museum exhibit celebrating African American History Month, which is also celebrated in Britain and Canada. more
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Taking the Kids on a lengthy travel ‘sabbatical’

The Jacobsons in Halong Bay, Vietnam
For five years, David and Shari Jacobson saved as much as they could, but they weren’t saving for a dream house or college for their two sons. They were putting money aside for a dream family trip many thought would never happen. more
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Discover the magic of Panama on with Ancon Expeditions

Discover with your family the magic and diversity of Panama – the heart of the Americas -- and be surprised by the abundant wildlife like White-face Capuchin monkeys more
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With strong dollar, beach vacation in Puerto Vallarta is a good bet

Our Lady of Guadalupe Puerto Vallarta
With the US dollar strong against the Mexican Peso, a beach vacation in Puerto Vallarta is a good bet this time of year. The town oozes charm, starting with Old Vallarta, the city’s 1930s town center complete with cobblestoned square. more
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Field Museum Spreads Historic Chinese Statues Across Chicago

The Field Museum in Chicago placed replica Terracotta Warriors throughout Chicago to be found. more
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Salzburg Austria Is Not Just for Sound of Music Fans

Salzburg is celebrating Mozart’s 260th birthday (Jan 27) and the 175th anniversary of the Mozart Orchestra Salzburg
I think this picturesque city would be a good place to base yourself for several days or a week, though it can get crowded as the city of 150,000 welcomes more than 1.5 million tourists a year more
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Touring the Vatican with kids – hidden gems to explore

Sistine Chapel after hours
Welcome to The Vatican, the world’s smallest sovereign state, established in 1929. It’s the modern version of the papal fiefdom that ruled Rome and much of central Italy before Italy was unified in the mid-19th century more
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A Family Culinary Adventure in Merida, Mexico

Cochinita Pibil
On a recent trip to Merida, Mexico, Alison Tibaldi booked a hands-on cooking class. It was an immersive experience that offered a window into the local culture in a highly sensorial way. more
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