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Colorado Summers: Go Beyond the Typical Mountain Family Vacation

Breckenridge is an historic mining town set in the heart of the Rocky Mountains that offers visitors a whole new set of riches that will entertain families. more
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Ireland’s Ashford Castle: very popular with American families

Ashford Castle in Western Ireland
Ashford Castle, in western Ireland on 350 acres along the shores of Lough Corrib and the River Cong, is famous for its fishing and falconry but if you're a boy just staying in a bona-fide castle is the real attraction. more
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Ireland’s Ashford Castle – beloved by American families

Ashford Castle
We are at Ireland’s School of Falconry—the oldest in the country—at Ashford Castle that dates back to 1228 on the shores of Lough Corrib, the largest lake in Ireland, and the River Cong, which is reputed to have the best salmon and trout fishing in Europe. more
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Day five in Norway — trout fishing and glacier gazing

Sara Sofia (far right) pulling fish out of a net in Norway
Fresh trout for lunch? Of course you have to catch them first. And drive two and a half hours on roads with hairpin turns, the fog so thick at times you can barely see in front of you. Good thing I’m not driving! more
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An old-fashioned family getaway in Maine

Enesi Domi and Captain Hebert show off his catch
Maine is the kind of place for an old-fashioned family vacation with the chance to learn something new, whether you’re going fishing, stand-up paddle-boarding for the first time or maybe learning how to catch — and eat a lobster. more
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Teaching a kid to fish with a “Wicked Tuna” star in Kennebunkport ME

Enesi with his first fish caught ever off Kennebunkport ME
“Sometimes the girls have more patience,” acknowledges Capt Bruce Hebert, known for his stint on the National Geographic Channel's Wicked Tuna reality show but here in Kennebunkport for his Libreti Rose II fishing charters that cater to families and is named for his wife and three daughters—Lisa, Brie, Tiara and Rose. more
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All-included bounty and excitement from the deep blue sea off Antigua

My second place Mahi Mahi
Today we’re back at Curtain Bluff and I’ve decided to take the 6:30 a.m. deep sea fishing charter. The best thing about Curtain Bluff, other than the beauty and just about every other thing, is that it is all-inclusive, so the fishing (along with Scuba, snorkeling, water-skiing and other activities) is part of the price. more
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Bonefishing an exotic sport? Not in the Bahamas baby!

Bonefishing in the Bahamas
We creep up on them. Clifton casts in a line with a gob of hermit crab for bait. There’s a small tug, them a bigger one and then “Wham,” a bonefish takes the bait and runs. And I mean runs. The drag on the spincast reel screeches as the fish tries to get off the line. Clifton hands me the rod and says “hang on.” I’ve had a lot of fish on the line in my day and this one fights better than most, if not all. more
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