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Taking The Kids was named one of the top travel websites by Parents Magazine in 2016
New in 2016: Great Smoky Mountains; New York City (updated)

Suzhou, China: Gardens and Canals Equal a Family-Friendly Asian Adventure

Shantang Street
As I exited the airport in Shanghai, my preconceived notions about China seemed initially accurate. It was my first time visiting this country and I imagined I would be stepping into a land that had come too far too fast. more
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Chicago Public Library Celebrates Black History Month

HistoryMakers and the Chicago Public Library partner to celebrate Black History Month by offering access to The HistoryMakers Digital Archive free of charge. more
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Historic sites and museums to visit during Black History Month

The Apollo, Harlem, Manhattan
February is the ideal time to visit a historic site or explore a museum exhibit celebrating African American History Month, which is also celebrated in Britain and Canada. more
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Taking the Kids on a lengthy travel ‘sabbatical’

The Jacobsons in Halong Bay, Vietnam
For five years, David and Shari Jacobson saved as much as they could, but they weren’t saving for a dream house or college for their two sons. They were putting money aside for a dream family trip many thought would never happen. more
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Party at George Washington’s Home

Celebrate Presidents Day Weekend at Mount Vernon! On February 18th and 19th, join “George Washington” for breakfast more
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Scope Out the New Scenery in Scotland

Do you have #ScotSpirit? There is something always new in Scotland: the land of myths, legends, bustling cities, stunning landscapes and more. more
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Follow the North Star: What it Meant Back Then, What is Means Now

A Conner Prairie program launched its 18th year of “Follow the North Star.” This museum theater experience recreates the impact that fugitive slaves experienced on the Underground Railroad in Indiana. more
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Election-themed exhibits at museums across the country

As the 2016 presidential campaigns heads into its final week, top-tier museums across the US are offering historical election themed-exhibits. more
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Relive History at Boston National Historic Park

At the Boston National Historic Park, relive history once again with an evening tour: Pirate or Patriot? more
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Field Museum in Chicago Welcomes New Native American Exhibits

The Field Museum in Chicago is welcoming two new exhibitions highlighting the work of contemporary Native American artists more
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