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New: Great Smoky Mountains; NYC (updated); DC (updated)
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National Park Vacationing Fun But Be Safe

The classic family travel is taking a trip to the outdoors, like a national park! As fun and exciting as it is, it is also important to be safe. more
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Check If Your Airbags Are Due For A Recall

There are millions of cars on the road containing Takata air bags used by many different automakers. more
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Eileen quoted in NY Times article on cruise safety

Eileen quoted in New York Times article about cruise safety. more
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Recalling National Tire Safety Week

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) wants to help consumers understand the danger of driving on under-inflated tires more
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What price will you pay for your child’s safety?

This week there was news of more incidents in which air turbulence injured passengers -- and one case sent a baby flying through the cabin (very luckily uninjured). The FAA and the airlines need to act -- and parents need to ask themselves again: Is your small child's safety worth not paying for the extra seat? more
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