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Election-themed exhibits at museums across the country

Oct 28, 2016
As the 2016 presidential campaigns heads into its final week, top-tier museums across the US are offering historical election themed-exhibits.

Eileen's Favorites

Celebrate Halloween in Texas, North Dakota and Niagara

There are plenty of activities and places to experience for your annual spooky adventures. Fort Inge (TX) is bringing El Muerto to life in the annual Haunted Historical Hayride (Oct. 23). Ulvade (TX) is celebrating the 125th anniversary on October 1st of The Janey Slaughter Briscoe Grand Opera House. Home to many historic schools, quarters and more, the Totten Trail Historic Inn at Fort Totten (ND) is known to have lurking souls. The Haunted Fortress at Old Fort Niagara (near Niagara) was once an army fort to many in the day, but at night, you can tour the darkened spaces of the fort and meet spooky people from its violent past.

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