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Travel insurance advice in light of recent terror attacks

May 24, 2017
Because of the latest terror incident in Manchester, U.K, many travelers are on edge, with questions about what to do or where to turn. TravelInsurance.com offers some advice:

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Experience New York City Like a Local

It’s fun to travel, but it’s embarrassing or stressful when you’re running around for your next adventure. For New York City, a new innovation allows you to plan your day to experience New York City like a local. LOCALIKE New York creates customized itineraries based on user preferences. The user-friendly process of LOCALIKE gathers information from the customer to create in-depth and personal trip planners that are revolutionary both in their focus on individualized experiences, and on what’s hot and trending around the city. For example, you could go to a restaurant that doesn’t publish their phone number online, but the LOCALIKE team has eaten there. Check it out at https://www.localike-newyork.com/.

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