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No Barriers to Visiting California National Parks

Jul 25, 2017
A new travel guide details wheelchair-accessible trails, attractions and lodging options in and near Yosemite, Sequoia and Kings Canyon national parks

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RoverPass: The best way to book your next RV trip

roverpassMany people worry about taking their kids on an RV trip, but RV family vacations can be a very rewarding experience. Instead of changing the hotel room they sleep in every couple of days, why not give your kids a familiar space while changing the outside scenery? It’s a great way to be adventurous, yet give your kids some stability while creating experiences that will last a lifetime. From California beaches, to the Grand Canyon, or the Everglades, the perfect RV park is out there waiting for you. Most RV Parks are private, mom-and-pop businesses, which made them hard to find and book… until now. With a database of over 14,000 parks, RoverPass.com is your one-stop shop to search, compare, and book RV parks across the US while enjoying discounts and special deals at hundreds of them. Start planning your next RV trip today!

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