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URLife app for family pictures or videos: cool new app!

Dec 9, 2016
A cool new product is solving the common problem of "What do we do with all of our photos and vacation videos?!"

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TripAdvisor: 2016 List of Top U.S. Attractions, Alcatraz at Number Three

TripAdvisor released its list of top attractions in the U.S., and this list consists of historical landmarks, cultural centers and regular hotspots. However, one of the most surprising sites on that list was Alcatraz Island at number three. According to TripAdvisor’s description of Alcatraz Island, “For almost 150 years, Alcatraz has given chills to the innocent and cold sweats to the guilty…The roster of former Alcatraz inmates includes A-list criminals such as crime boss Al Capone and kidnapper George Kelly.” A full list of TripAdvisor’s list can be found here.

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