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Great Tours for Greek Adventures

Jul 24, 2017
There are many great destinations that teach about modern life. Very few places can also teach you about ancient life, and Greece is one of these few places

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London’s food scene takes it to a new level at Camden Lock

Paella on display at Camden Lock

Paella on display at Camden Lock

By Eileen Ogintz

LONDON (Day four) — Paella or curry, long grilled polish sausage, salted beef on a bagel or sushi. How about Jerk chicken, crepes or thin Turkish pizza?

If you can’t decide, try a sample — a spoonful of curry here, a taste of smoked brisket there… a Polish dumpling, a bite of a roti wrap, a sliver of Argentine barbeque at the 50 food stalls at the Global Food Kitchen at Camden Lock Market, famous not only for good eats but for its shops and stalls—more than 200. No wonder it attracts six million visitors a year and is the hub of the growing street food movement here.

Street Scene in Camdentown

Street Scene in Camdentown

Teens love to come here for the shopping — vintage dresses and shirts, hats, punk jackets and shoes jewelry. It’s possible to rent a stall for just $15 pounds for one day so this market is considered an incubator for new business. The Body Shop started here, in fact, said spokesman Jackie Clode-Dickens.

But as much fun as the market is, there is much more in this area, says Lindsay Faller from Fox and Squirrel which offers food tours here beyond the market with the chance to talk to those growing businesses here. There are also tours showcasing the developing food scene in Brixton.

Coffee roaster George Constinou

Coffee roaster George Constinou

If you want to meet Londoners, check what pop-up dinner you can join at www.grubhub.com.   Stop for some Black Sheep Coffee or meet George Constinou who has been roasting coffee for nearly 40 years on a Victorian machine older than he is at the Camden Coffee Shop.

Entrance to Camden Lock

Entrance to Camden Lock

Unlike other food tours, this one makes sure you meet the locals — the Turkish grocer, the Portuguese deli, the Cypriot restaurant.

See how Britain has not only become a multicultural city but how British food is being influenced from flavors from around the world   Along Camden High Street, there is Israeli, Iranian, Swiss , thin-crust Pizza, made by a Turkish expat at White Kitchen_ Mediterranean mezzes at Karavas Restaurant.

Come during the week, locals suggest when it’s not crazy busy. Just come hungry!

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