Eileen’s weekly column has been syndicated nationally since 1990. It has been read by millions in newspapers and news websites . Eileen’s column covers family travel topics including unique and popular destinations, tips for avoiding travel hassles and much more.

With our partners at The Family Travel Forum, we present  our 2021 Spring Break Ideas Guide; 2020-21 Fun in the Snow Directory; our Light your Winter Getaways Guide, and our  Virtual Vacations Guide, which offers sites to see online during the pandemic. 

With our partners at The Family Travel Forum, we present getaway ideas for this fall and some for the future. With our Virtual Vacation Guide, the kids can plan to see destinations that intrigue them with you—and Eileen’s Kid’s Guide Series to major American cities and parks can help

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Wherever you want to ski and ride and whether you plan just one week a year or every weekend, passes are a far better deal. This season reservations were required
Antarctica is the world’s most remote and coveted destination and World Navigator is perfect for families to share a once-in-a-lifetime adventure

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To Orlando this spring — safely

When I last visited Walt Disney World — when I last flew — a year ago this month, no one I met was much concerned about COVID-19. They were too busy enjoying all that the Theme Park Capital of the World had to offer.


Enjoy a getaway at San Juan Islands in Washington state. Choose from a wide variety of hotels, inns, lodges, vacation rentals, and campsites.


Egypt held a remarkable ceremony on April 3, 2021 to transport 22 mummies to the new National Museum of Egyptian Civilization in Fustate, Cairo


ROAM Adventures, a travel company, offers Zimbabwe safari vacation packages. For each adult booking, one child (15 and under) stays free


The Grove Resort & Water Park Orlando in Florida is offering a Love Your Family package. Enjoy family time away from home

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How to Manage Stress-Free Travel

While vacationing, you want a reprieve from daily worries. If your finances aren't in How to Manage Stress-Free Travel shape, you will struggle to enjoy anything you do while traveling

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