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Eileen’s weekly column has been syndicated nationally since 1990. It has been read by millions in newspapers and news websites . Eileen’s column covers family travel topics including unique and popular destinations, tips for avoiding travel hassles and much more.

The Historic Woodstock Inn in Vermont

With our partners at The Family Travel Forum, we present  our 2020-21 Fun in the Snow Directory; our Light your Winter Getaways Guide, and our  Virtual Vacations Guide, which offers sites to see online during the pandemic. 

With our partners at The Family Travel Forum, we present getaway ideas for this fall and some for the future. With our Virtual Vacation Guide, the kids can plan to see destinations that intrigue them with you—and Eileen’s Kid’s Guide Series to major American cities and parks can help

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For many of us, exploring new places through food is a big part of why we like to travel--from farmers’ markets to local groceries, bakeries and restaurants
With promising news on the vaccine front, this is an opportune time to book great travel deals for 2021. Black Friday/Cyber Monday (Nov. 27 & 30) traditionally offer some of the best deals of the year


The JL Bar Ranch, Resort & Spa is on 13,000 acres of land in Sonora, Texas. They have a private airport and plenty of wide open space for social distancing.


Planet Play recently opened in the Visitor Complex at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. This play area is for kids ages 2-12.


The Coffee Triangle, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is in Colombia’s Cocora Valley. Coffee plantations intersperse the lush green landscape.

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What is Japan famous for?

One of the best things about Japanese culture is unquestionably the food, but the country is also well known internationally for a variety of other products such as robotics, computers and electronics, and unique artwork.

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