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Warm hoodie with plenty of pockets for travel — SCOTTeVEST

SCOTTeVEST micro fleece hoodie
SCOTTeVEST micro fleece hoodie

The SCOTTeVEST micro fleece hoodie is a comfortable and functional piece of clothing for constant travel. The SCOTTeVEST hoodie offers plenty of pockets for all of the items you need to have on hand while traveling, including a zippered pocket specifically for a tablet, multiple places for smart phones and passports, and even a removable key ring in the easily accessible hand warmer pocket. Every pocket is zippered and items will stay safely secured within the hoodie. This hoodie is excellent if you are traveling light and wish to have only a single carry-on bag with clothing and the hoodie for items such as tablets and books that would otherwise would be carried in a backpack during a flight or bus ride. The microfleece material of the SCOTTeVEST hoodie is warm and would work well to wick moisture while hiking as well. Overall the SCOTTeVEST microfleece hoodie is exactly as advertised and would fit well as any avid traveler’s go to hoodie.


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