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Audiences of all ages love the Blue Man Group

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Blue Men on the liquid drums
Blue Men on the liquid drums

By Eileen Ogintz

NEW YORK — You’ve got to hand it to these guys.  It’s not easy to make a bunch of blasé teens guffaw, much less the adults and younger kids in the audience.

In fact, The Blue Man Group – yes for those of you who have never seen them preform their entire heads are covered in electric blue — are that rare entertainment who can totally engage an audience no matter what their ages. Maybe it’s the stunts with stuffing Cap’n Crunch cereal in their mouths — 15 pounds of Cap’n Crunch cereal are used per week.  Maybe it’s the marshmallows and Twinkies — 45 marshmallows are used per show; 30 boxes of Twinkie Lights are used every week.

I took a group of boys from that go to our high school under the auspices of A Better Chance  to the New York City show at the Astor Place Theatre (tickets start at $49).  We had based ourselves downtownat the Conrad NY, ideal because of its suites, movie  theater next door and proximity to the 9/11 Memorial Museum which we had visited.

Blue Man mixing it up with kids in the audience
Blue Man mixing it up with kids in the audience

The Blue Man Group was the ideal antidote after such a sobering experience earlier that day.

It all started nearly 25 years ago, when three college-friends — Matt Goldman, Phil Stanton and Chris Wink — developed a bald and blue character they called Blue Man (to evoke the word Human), who delighted audiences at this small theater

In fact, the overwhelming and unexpected success of the Blue Man Group show at the Astor Place Theatre led to numerous productions around the country and the globe — first in multiple US cities followed by international markets  as well as.  They have Grammy-nominated albums, Emmy-nominated TV content, film scores, Children’s Museum exhibits, toys and more.

Blue Man shooting paper into the audience
Blue Man shooting paper into the audience

Blue Man Productions is now a successful multinational entertainment company with theatrical and media operations across three continents, including ongoing theatrical productions in New York, Boston, Chicago, Las Vegas, Orlando and Berlin, a North American Tour, live theatrical and musical appearances around the world, high-impact advertising and co-branding campaigns with prominent companies, and a wave of innovative digital content. As Grammy-nominated recording artists, Blue Man Group has released 5 albums, contributed to various film scores and performed with prestigious orchestras and philharmonics around the country.

There’s audience involvement (ready to hang upside down?). Those sitting in the front don plastic ponchos, lest you be hit with paint or gel.  There’s drumming — roughly 40 drum heads used in the show, including both the band loft and stage and some  20 cymbals used with the drum kit.  There are incredible PVC tubed instruments—some 550 feet worth of PVC piping make them work.

Yes, it’s silly and it’s fun.  It’s also considered non-verbal story telling as the Blue Men don’t say anything.  Perhaps that is why the themes and performances have such wide appeal –even to teens.

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