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Clipa keeps your small travel bags off the ground

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Clipa clips virtually anywhere

Traveling soon? Hang your purse, backpack or diaper bag in seconds with a Clipa bag hanger. It prevents contact with germs, water and dirt, extending the life of your bag. Clipa works where most other hooks don’t, including bathroom stall walls and doors, rails, sinks, even fences. Just place it on your bag’s strap then open either end to hang your bag. When finished, it automatically closes back into a ring and slides back onto your bag. It’s great for restaurants, playgrounds, diaper changing stations, sporting events, movie theaters and dozens of other places. Just 1.6 oz. yet it holds an amazing 33 lbs. Tested to last 10 years, it never needs polishing and even doubles as a bracelet! There are 6 finishes to match the fittings on your bag perfectly. Gift boxed. $15.99 MSRP. A traveler top rated favorite, the Clipa Instant Bag Hanger is available now at www.clipa.us  and Amazon.

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