Do Non-US Children Need ESTA When Visiting US?

When you want to travel with children to the US for a period of under 90 days and you come from a country that participates in the Visa Waiver Program, you may wonder whether or not an ESTA is necessary for children. The short answer to this is yes” but there are various extra things you should be aware of. Here are those that are the most important for a successful ESTA application for your children. Besides the ESTA application needed for the child, other administrative constraints do apply. The child needs his/her own electronic or biometric passport that is valid for the whole visit. Also, you need to check full names printed on travel documents, like the flight ticket. This is true even if children are registered on your personal documents or tickets. One option that will make the process faster is to use an ESTA group application form. This allows you to quickly fill detailsfor the entire family. The only problem is that you need more time to go through this procedure, all based on how many family members exist.

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