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DRAGON goggles and lenses for all snow conditions

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DRAGON goggles and lenses fit every skier or snowboarder, protect eyes in bright of flat light and are eco-friendly as well.

The DRAGON LIL D goggle ($45) is designed for kids on the slopes and comes with a variety of colorful lenses and straps.

Dragon LIL D goggles for kids
Dragon LIL D goggles for kids

The DRAGON RVX OTG goggle ($229) is for the hard-core mountaineer, and comes with an extra lens that is easy to pop in and out.

Dragon RVX OTG
Dragon RVX OTG

DRAGON’s products adhere to environmental best practices. The eco-friendly, ethically-sourced PLANT-BASED RESIN collection is made from sustainably grown castor beans — a cleaner, gentler alternative to traditional petroleum-based products. New UPCYCLED manufacturing by DRAGON repurposes single-use plastic bottles—five in every frame—for optical and sun styles that keep harmful plastic away from our landfills and oceans.

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