Planning your dream trip – don’t wait until it’s too late

By Paisley Hansen, Taking the Kids Correspondent

Everyone dreams of experiencing the best that life has to offer, but so many people procrastinate the realization of their dreams until it is too late. The best place to start on your family traveling goals is to decide what you want. Make a decision and start taking little steps toward the fulfillment of your goal. Anything you do can bring you a little closer to your dreams, even if it’s just putting a few coins in a savings jar. If you believe it and work towards it, then it’s possible. So without further ado, here are just a few suggestions for an incredible family vacation.

Take the Road Trip of a Lifetime

A road trip is perfect for a taste of the great outdoors, and nothing beats a good road trip with the comfortable camaraderie of your loved ones.


Have a good road map to guide you
Have a good road map to guide you


The Olympic Peninsula in the Pacific Northwest is a three-hundred-mile loop journey featuring numerous eye-catching wonders: beautiful mossy rainforests, stunning coastlines and beaches, gushing waterfalls, the glistening white mountaintops of the Olympic Ranges, small logging towns, lighthouses, regional wineries, hiking trails to stretch your legs, and so much more. The allure of the Olympic Peninsula is simply irresistible.

Pay a visit to North Carolina’s outer banks for another spectacular road trip. This is a 114 mile trip along the seashore, from Corolla to Ocracoke Village, and it is sure to tickle the senses. See weathered beach houses in fishing villages, historic colonial towns, lighthouses, the Wright Brothers National Memorial, the giant sand dunes of Jockey’s Ridge State Park, the Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge (home to ospreys, snow geese, egrets, plovers, wrens, tundra swans, and more).

The Historic Columbia River Highway in Oregon is the oldest scenic route in the country and is revered as a National Historic Landmark. It is 74 miles long. People come from all over the world to admire the majesty of this passageway. Along it, you can see sights such as tangled webs of river systems, some of the tallest waterfalls in the nation, an underwater window for viewing massive sturgeons, beautiful hiking trails among spring wildflowers, dramatic geology, rare endemic plants, sheer cliffs, and ferny oases.

Investigate Famous Landmarks and National Parks

Seattle at night
Seattle at night


The Space Needle is certainly a futuristic work of architecture worth seeing in person. Visit its one-of-a-kind rotating restaurant, test your bravery on the glass floors, and take in the breathtaking Seattle skyline from the observation deck. You may just spot your next destination in the distance: the majestic Mount Rainier.

Mount Rainier National Park is a gorgeous and unforgettable vacation spot. It is home to an active volcano for which it is named: a beast that reaches a height of 14,410 feet. The hot steam from the volcano is juxtaposed with icy rivers and glaciers. For those who visit in the summer, the subalpine meadows offer a beautiful landscape of blooming wildflowers.

To get the most of the Mount Rainier experience, families can rent a cozy cabin for the night and enjoy a selection of outdoor activities during the day. Visitors love to snowshoe, ski, and hike in the mystical terrain. In addition to mild, one-to-two hour hikes, thousands of skilled mountaineers successfully scale Mount Rainier every year. It is also accessible by car up to 6,400 feet from the point of Sunrise peak.

Mt Rainier
Mt Rainier

Go On A Cruise!

Cruises are like glorified road trips, given the numerous options for shore excursions. Cruise goers have the opportunity to explore homey shore-side towns where they can discover hidden gems in local eateries, visit museums, tour markets full of unique and sometimes handmade items, lounge on the beach, go to wine tastings, and overall get a taste of an unfamiliar culture. Many other cruises include more ambitious excursion activities, such as snorkeling through coral reefs, hiking on glaciers, whale watching or exploring ancient ruins.

There are many cruise options available for families which offer plenty of entertainment and safety supervision for children. Norwegian’s Splash Academy, for example, engages kids with juggling, spinning, tumbling, and other circus skill classes. Disney cruises have many cartoon themed attractions including, but not limited to, a Marvel Super Hero Academy and a Star Wars themed play area. Carnival cruises, in a similar vein, have DreamWorks themed attractions, such as a Madagascar Aqua Show and a How to Train Your Dragon Ice Show.

Cruise vacation
Cruise vacation

Keep Your Options Open

There is an unlimited wealth of varied and different vacation ideas. With a world so big and mysterious, and with a history so vast, it’s impossible to resist the urge to explore. Make treating you and your family a priority, and create opportunities to bond with your loved ones when you plan vacations in beautiful scenic places. The world is yours explore!

Bio: Paisley Hansen is a freelance writer who is passionate about her family, making memories and traveling the world. She has traveled all over the world but has taken a particular interest in our great National Parks as well as historic sites all over the world.

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