Healthy and cool pouch drinks for kids and adults on the go

Fruit Me Up pouch drinks
Fruit Me Up pouch drinks

Fruit drinks for kids on the go are getting healthier. Drink pouch products such as Fruit Me Up! offer low-calorie formulas including organic, 100% fruit sauce with no added sugar, water or fruit juice. Flavors include kid-favorites like Tropical Banana, Mango & Coconut; Pear, Pineapple, Spinach & Chia; Peaches & Cream and Blueberry, Banana & Acerola Cherry, apples, apples & cinnamon and apples & Strawberries.

Fruit Me Up! BOOST pouches range from 60-80 calories, depending on the flavor. Naturally Better and Organic pouches are all 40-45 calories. Nutrition facts for all flavors and products can be found on the website as well.


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