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Inexpensive, lightweight travel jewelry

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Lightweight necklace from Balibead.com
Lightweight necklace from Balibead.com

After losing an expensive bracelet in airport security in Barcelona, I’ve stopped taking anything  on a trip that I would hate to lose. Although jewelry is a great way to change up the same outfit, I hate to weigh down my bag with too many necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

That’s why I like  the eco-friendly BaliBead, made from recycled glass. It will match anything you bring along—loop it around as a bracelet or wear it as a necklace. The necklaces are handmade from local artisans in Indonesia.  They come in a variety of colors—yellow, turquoise, black, red,  orange or white, among them for  $79.97 or for the  “statement” necklace with over 37 strands for $159.50. A pop of color is always welcome when you’re wearing the same black, gray and navy throughout a long trip!

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