Lower Manhattan and the new Trump Soho

Trump Soho Hotel

DAY 2—I feel oh-so-hip.



That’s because I’m stepping out of my hotel—the brand new Trump Soho (www.trumpsoho.com) that is located on Spring Street, in the heart of trendy Soho in downtown New York with its narrow cobblestoned streets and old-fashioned lights, south of Greenwich Village. Did you know Soho was the city’s first red light district in the 1850s? Pauline Frommer reports that tidbit in her excellent guide New York City Spend Less See More (www.frommers.com/Pauline).  The neighborhood of course morphed into an industrial area and then a haven for artists who took over the industrial buildings and now into a chic upscale neighborhood with designer ships, cafes and restaurants.





The new 46-story silver tower that is home to Trump Soho touts terrific views from the floor-to-ceiling windows—I could even see the skyline from my bathroom! Roomy guestrooms—unusual in NYC, a library, and a new Italian restaurant Quattro Gastronomia where we had a first-rate breakfast. I loved the upstairs Library where you can order a drink or coffee. This summer, there will be an expansive pool, fitness center and spa.



If you think this is an adult hotel, think again. Yes it’s great for business or couples or girlfriends, but there is also the Trump Kids (and Trump Pets) program complete with a kids’ room service menu (grilled cheese , chicken fingers or rigatoni?), a DVD library, board games and even books and video games you can borrow, kiddie mocktails and more.  Kids get their own coloring book—and business cards.  Special spa treatments will be available too and the hotel will stock the mini bar for you with everything from infant formula to juice and will child-proof your rooms.   Nice!



Many families returning to New York for a second or third time—or looking for weekend getaways from the burbs—don’t want to be in the heart of midtown. Here in Soho, you are in a neighborhood with parks, playgrounds and plenty of shops to explore (you can even score a discount card from the hotel) and restaurants and cafes. (Sign on for a free walking tour with www.BigAppleGreeter.com or a walking food tour with http://www.walkingfoodtours.com or a shopping tour with http://www.shop-nyctours.com and you’ll come away with a sense that New York is a city where families live, work and raise kids.  



For dinner, we ventured farther east downtown to Travertine in NoLita (North of Little Italy) – at 19 Kenmare (www.travertinenyc.com) that was packed with adults but is known for its family brunches—executive chef Manuel Trevino has six-year-old twins and makes brunch fun with flatbread pizza and French Toast. Parents will like that the restaurant uses mostly local and seasonal ingredients.



You won’t find a lot of first-time tourists here—you are more likely here to see a celeb who has come for the pasta that’s been recognized as one of the best in the city, the  tuna tartare, bone marrow or  entrees like pomegranate glazed lamb chops. Delicious!  As you look at the crowd (mostly dressed in black, of course) and listen to the hum of conversations, wondering what they are talking about—the latest Wall Street Scandal, the don’t miss play, the next day’s  designer sample sale.  It’s a great place to pretend you are a hip New Yorker who knows the newest, the best, the latest even if you are a suburbanite like me. Then again, maybe they are talking about their kids—just like we are.



Still, what could be better than skipping back to the city’s newest hotel—it just opened April 9—rather than the burbs?  I look out my windows at New York’s night skyline—literally the picture I see on postcards all over the city.   If only I wasn’t so tired!



Next time, I’ve got to stay up later. 

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