On the Road with Teething Babies, Baltic Amber and Other Travel Essentials

Baltic AmberTeething babies aren’t easy to deal with at home, never mind taking them on a trip. The frustrations of being latched into a car for hours are compounded when gums are swollen and pain plagues their little mouths. The good news is that there is a way to overcome the challenge of traveling with teething babies:

#1: Frequent Stops: During the stop, grab some ice from the cooler and place it in a washcloth. You can use this cold washcloth as a teething tool. The coolness and soft texture can massage gums providing some relief.

#2: Baltic Amber Teething Necklace: Don’t forget your baltic amber teething necklace.  Baltic amber teething necklaces are great for treating the pain, mild fever, and swelling that accompanies teething.

#3: Soft Music and Toys: Distractions are your best bet to get you to your destination. Have plenty of music ready and toys to entertain your babies.

You will get through this trip, and it won’t be as agonizing as you suspect. Just prepare for it with the above tips.

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