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Airports are some of the most stressful places on the planet, especially when traveling with children. You’re juggling the youngest ones’ strollers and what seems like an unmanageable amount of cabin baggage. Plus, a myriad of distractions draw children away from your side. Luckily, booking an airport concierge service can make getting through any terminal a breeze, even with the whole family in tow.

So, what does an airport concierge actually do?

Imagine getting to go to the front of security and immigration lines, without needing membership in an elite status club. Plus, your trusty concierge will help you wrangle all your luggage and child gear while whisking you between the curb and the gate. You won’t have to check gate information screens  or scan for signs to get to the right gate at the right time.

Airport concierges make navigating it all easy whether you’re departing, connecting, or arriving. They can even assist you with duty-free shopping, VAT refunds, and finding any play areas the airport might have for your children to work off energy before the flight.

Get out of the “hurry up and wait” cycle and let a professional take the reins so you and your loved ones can relax and enjoy each other’s company, looking forward to the journey instead of stressing about the details.

With Blacklane PASS, you can book your airport concierge service for $100 per person per service at any of Blacklane’s 500 airports. As with flights, kids age two and under for free.

Plus, for just $50 per person, you can also purchase lounge access, a perfect refuge when you’re on a layover and just want to unwind in a quiet, comfortable environment. You might think of lounges as exclusively for adults, but they can be a haven for parents as well, and some lounges even have video game systems and play areas.

Ready to press the fast-forward button on your next airport experience? Visit to book your airport concierge service or lounge access today.



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