No wonder I like the La Reina sunglasses from Native eyewear that the company says “was designed by badass women, for badass women…that invites style to the outdoors.”

The sunglasses are made with what the company says is the most innovative and advanced polarized lens on the market  that block up to 4x more infrared light and filter UV.

La Reina sunglasses from Native Eyewear
La Reina sunglasses from Native Eyewear

They also are designed for activity with impact-resistant lenses and a coating that resists water, dust, dirt and fingerprints.  I especially like that the resin frames are lightweight and stay in place, even when you are sweaty.  They are, like all Native Eyewear, backed by a  lifetime  limited warranty.   They are light weight too and look good—the ones I have  are tortoise with a gray lens.   These perform  whether hiking in Alaska, backpacking in Colorado,  on a ski slope or when you want to look good in a new city. 

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