Teensafe Share 2018 Statistics on Distracted Driving

TeenSafe is the first and leading independent smartphone monitoring service for parents. Last month, TeenSafe shared distracted driving facts and statistics to raise awareness for safer driving as crashes still remain the leading cause of death amongst teens in the U.S., with device distractions being a major contributor. A recent American Automobile Association poll revealed that 94 percent of teen drivers acknowledge the vast dangers of texting and driving, but 35 percent of those polled admitted to still committing the act. A poll shows that 77 percent of adults and 55 percent of teenage drivers believe they can easily manage texting while simultaneously navigating the road as approximately 660,000 drivers use their smartphones while driving during daylight hours, creating a large potential for crashes and fatalities. TeenSafe is taking steps to limit distracted driving, now considered the “new drunk driving,” and is currently developing a future product that will directly combat the issue by using smartphone technology. Parents wanting to learn more can join TeenSafe’s Facebook group, “Parent’s Unite! End Teen Distracted Driving By” clicking here.

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