Birding Festivals on Wildlife Refuges

Did you know national wildlife refuges are home to more than 700 species of birds? More than 200 national wildlife refuges were established specifically to protect, manage and restore habitat for migratory birds. The National Wildlife Refuge System is managed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.  You will be able to find a birding festival during almost any month of 2018. The festivals are wildly popular, so advance registration is suggested. Details about a couple of festivals are below:

Festival of the Cranes: This event will take place on January 13-14 in Decatur, Alabama. Take the opportunity to see thousands of wintering sandhill cranes as well as whooping cranes and white pelicans at Wheeler National Wildlife.

Snow Goose Festival of the Pacific Flyway: This festival will be on January 24-28 in Chico, California. See thousands of birds silhouetted against a sunset sky as they leave Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge and Delevan National Wildlife Refuge in their amazing fly-off. This year the refuge will offer a first-time guided field trip to Colusa National Wildlife Refuge.

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