Brookfield Zoo: Inclusion for All

Brookfield Zoo in Chicago is dedicated to making a trip to the zoo memorable for everyone, including children with disabilities by opening a new sensory-friendly family room and inclusion resource center. The new low-sensory room offers a quiet environment for children who may need a break from the potentially overstimulating environment of a day at the zoo. Also, the newly renovated resource center near the entrance of the Hamill Family Play Zoo provides useful information and tools to enhance a visit, including visual schedules, social stories, magazines, and noise-reducing headphones that are available to check out. Brookfield Zoo will host open house events of Hamill Family Play Zoo’s new features on April 12 and April 22, which include opportunities to learn more about the “Zoo for All” initiative and programs at the exhibit and meet the play program staff, including the new inclusion specialist. Space is limited and reserved for families with children with disabilities. To register and to access additional information on the zoo’s accessible amenities, click here.

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