Dynamic Events and Exhibitions for American History: Jamestown VA

Jamestown Settlement and American Revolution Museum at Yorktown will feature dynamic special programs and two special exhibitions this year. American Revolution Museum at Yorktown tells the stories of citizens and soldiers involved in the Revolutionary War. “Blast from the Part: Artillery in the War of Independence” is a special exhibition opening June 10th featuring American, British and French technology used during the American Revolution. Visitors can also enjoy “An Afternoon of Cultural Cuisine” on April 28th with African-American-Jewish culinary historian Michael W. Twitty. Jamestown Settlement is a museum that features 17th-century Virginia history and culture. “TENACITY: Women in Jamestown and Early Virginia” is a special exhibition opening on November 10th featuring personal stories of 17th century women. A value-priced combination ticket to both museums is $25.50 for adults and $12.25 for ages 6-12. Click here for visiting information.

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