Field Museum 125th Anniversary

The Field Museum in Chicago, Illinois will start celebrating its 125th anniversary this year. Part of the celebration will include unveiling a cast of the largest dinosaur ever discovered in the spring of 2018. The 122-foot-long titanosaur will take up a third of Stanley Field Hall. Don’t worry, it will not be alone.  The titanosaur will be joined by life-like replicas of giant flying reptiles and gorgeous hanging gardens. These gardens will be made of 3D-printed plastic and will contain more than 1,000 live plants. The plants themselves will be hydroponic, growing in inert volcanic rock and receiving water and fertilizer from the ceiling. SUE’s month-long de-installation and the start of their renovation and move upstairs will begin on February 4, and the gardens, pterosaurs, and titanosaur will start going up soon after, with final installation anticipated in May.

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