Free Days Return to Field Museum in 2018 for Illinois Residents

The Field Museum’s Free Days are back in 2018! This includes an entire month of free basic admission for Illinois residents during Free February, plus additional specific free days in January and June. Free Days are about an 80-dollar savings for a family of four, making them the perfect opportunity to take advantage of the many adventures at the Museum—from exploring the pyramids of ancient Egypt to witnessing the history of life on earth, and, of course, plenty of dinosaurs. Free Days this year fall during a time of big (and by big we mean colossal) change coming to the Museum, including the introduction of the largest dinosaur ever found, the Titanosaur. 2018’s free days include January 15, 27, 28; February 1-28; June 20, 21, 22; from 9am to 5pm. All you need is proof of residency in Illinois. Visit The Field Museum website for details on planning your visit.

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