Protecting Pets During Summer Road Trips

Summer road trips are great family-bonding experiences, and it’s even better when our four-legged friends can join us. However, Subaru of America, Inc. and the Center for Pet Safety (CPS) want to remind you to keep your pets safe. As larger, 3-row SUVs have become more prominent in the market, pets should ideally be secured in the second or third row. Pets 20 lb. or less can be harnessed or secured in carriers in the 2nd row Captain’s Chair. Larger pets, more than 20 lb., should be properly secured and travel in the 3rd row bench directly behind one of the Captain’s Chairs. Never place your pet on the floor between the Captain’s Chairs because this could result in the pet becoming a projectile and cause serious injury to both the pet and vehicle passengers. When traveling with both children and pets in a 3-row vehicle with Captain’s Chairs, secure the child in the 2nd row and secure the pet in the 3rd row, on the opposite side of the vehicle as the child. For more information and resources, please visit and

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