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When the snow is falling, the spa is a perfect backup plan

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The Cliff Spa at Snowbird in Utah
The Cliff Spa at Snowbird in Utah

SNOWBIRD SKI RESORT, UTAH (DAY TWO) — I admit it.  When it comes to skiing when the wind is howling and I can’t see in front of me, I’ll pack it in, even at such a wonderful mountain as Snowbird.

I love their new Ski Mums group who meet up on Wednesdays and invite visiting moms to join them on the mountain while the kids are in ski school. 

The Tram at Snowbird on a clear day
The Tram at Snowbird on a clear day

I love the spectacular views—when you can see them.  But I wasn’t feeling the love this morning.  In fact, I couldn’t wait to get down from the top.   I lost my mojo on a narrow gully that seemed to me was one mogul after another.  Honestly, on a blue bird day, it wouldn’t have fazed me but with flat light, the wind and the fresh snow, I lost my confidence. I probably lost my confidence as soon as we got off of Snowbird’s famous tram at the top of the mountain when I couldn’t see  in front of me and the wind was howling.

Honestly, the only thing that kept me going was the spa appointment I had at the The Cliff Spa on the ninth floor of the Cliff Lodge.

I hadn’t been here in years but the Cliff Spa has always been one of my favorites in ski country—the indoor pool, the eucalyptus-scented steam and the amazing mountain views from the relaxation room.

My 32-year-old nephew Chris Yemma wasn’t bothered by the lack of visibility. He certainly was feeling the love, declaring Snowbird his new favorite mountain. “The snow was great and the terrain challenging,” he said.

I wonder if that might partly have been because his girlfriend Denise Lengyeltoti, 26, took a snowboarding lesson. There’s nothing like a lesson to up relationship harmony, they agreed.  “It is a lot better having a professional teach you,” Lengyeltoti said. “They know how to explain the technique and they are a lot more patient.”  Most important, she had a lot of fun in a class with two other young women and taught by an enthusiastic woman instructor. 

That enabled Chris and my husband Andy Yemma to explore the mountain at their leisure—guilt free.  After my morning mountain meltdown, Andy didn’t have to wait for me and Chris didn’t have to deal with a frustrated girlfriend.

Mountain dining at Snowbird
Mountain dining at Snowbird

As far as I’m concerned, there’s nothing better than to hit the spa on a day you don’t want to be out on the mountain.  Take your pick—a custom massage or maybe “zone therapy” that delivers pressure-point therapy for hands and feet.  There is “High Altitude Relief” a special blend of aromatherapy, acupressure points to relieve symptoms of high altitude sickness—a good bet when the top of Snowbird’s Tram is 11,000 feet.  There’s an Aromatic Shea Butter Wrap, a Hydrating Body Polish (think warm oil followed by a deep conditioning shea butter scrub infused with salt and sugar.  There’s a Mountain Recovery Wrap and a healing footbath—one designed for men too.  My sister in law and my nephew’s girlfriend opted for pedicures while I went for a facial.  So relaxing!

And the eucalyptus-scented steam was as wonderful as I remembered.

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